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Is my Shungite authentic? Here is how to know if it´s real.

In Russia, Shungite is a well-known mineral. For decades, it has been studied extensively by Russian scientists. However, only recently has information about this unique mineral reached the Western part of the world. 

Since fullerene molecules have been discovered by the research of Shungite, they have become the basis for the rapid development of nanotechnologies. Meanwhile in Russia, Shungite has been successfully used in various industries such as agriculture, ecology, medicine or construction.

Not all Shungite is created equal. 

It comes in different grade and quality, based on its carbon content. The more carbon it has, the stronger its healing qualities. Even though there is only one geographical place where the real Shungite appears, it is being mined in different fractions and qualities.

So how can you make sure your Shungite is real?

Real Shungite provides amazing benefits for your health. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to distinguish authentic Shungite stones from the fake one to prevent damaging your health. There are basically 2 ways how to tell if your Shungite is real:

1/ Visual check

The intensive black color is the first distinguishing sign of genuine Shungite. It often has infusions of brown, gray or golden colors. These are traces of other minerals such as pyrite, that are found in the same layer with Shungite. 

regular shungite stones type III

So if you notice strings of these color layers in your Shungite stones, it´s a common feature of authentic Shungite mineral.

Because of high carbon content, Shungite stones may leave black traces on your skin and clothes. Staining is a natural property of the mineral and can be therefore an additional authenticity sign.

Types of Shungite

There are three different types of shungite (I, II and III) based on the content of carbon in stones’ composition. All three types are authentic Shungite.

Type I – Elite or Noble Shungite

Elite Shungite contains up to 98% of organic carbon. It has a shiny silvery surface with a metallic shine. Elite Shungite is a very fragile material and it can easily break into small pieces in your hands. While regular Shungite is commonly mined n Karelia, the deposits of Elite Shungite are rare.

Type II – Petrovsky Shungite

The “Petrovsky” Shungite contains up to 75% of carbon. It has a silvery, glossy tint and its price is usually much higher than regular Shungite, as it is extracted manually. This type of Shungite mineral is not so fragile as elite Shungite and can be easily shaped or polished.

Type III – Regular or Raw Shungite

Regular Shungite contains 30-50% organic carbon with deep dark color. When it is brushed it has matte black color with a grey shade. It can be polished or easily shaped into products like pyramids or pendants. Raw Shungite is the best for making Shungite water suitable for everyday drinking, as it provides optimally balanced water without any odors or flavors.

2/ Conductivity

Another way how to check the authenticity of Shungite is to test out its electric conductivity. In fact, this rock is one of the few natural minerals that have the ability to conduct electric current. 

There is a simple method of how to distinguish the real Shungite from any imitations. 

Testing Shungite´s conductivity

All you need is a lamp, a battery, and two wires. To begin, connect the battery to a lamp and then touch a Shungite pebble with wires. If the Shungite is authentic, the lamp will flash.

An Extraordinary Mineral

The strength and positive effects of the magical black stone Shungite have been known for centuries. It has an absolutely unique structure and chemical composition, origin and complex spectrum of use. Thanks to scientists and doctors, this stone has become widely known within the previous decades.

Since fullerene molecules have been discovered by the research of Shungite, they have become the basis for the rapid development of nanotechnologies. As we already know, nanotechnologies lead the direction of our technological future.

The 21st century is a century of carbon, especially fullerene. The properties and potentials of one of the most essential elements of our life – carbon have not been fully examined yet, even though the scientific world is making progress within this field.

SHUNGITE IS THE NEW BLACK brings you the 1st class products made from real Shungite, tested and approved in the EU. Not only are we offering products with the highest quality available on the market, but we also want to spread awareness about the above mentioned positive effects of this sensational mineral based on scientific facts. 

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