how to keep indoor plants healthy

How To Keep Your Houseplants Healthy With Shungite

Are your indoor plants barely surviving? Shungite can help.

how to keep houseplants healthy

Apart from personal use, Shungite is used widely in agriculture because its properties help with fertility and the abundance of harvest. If this works for crops, you can be sure to achieve the same results at home with your indoor plants. At last, the amazing fertility of the soil around Shungite deposits in Shunga village in Karelia is probably the best proof of its benefits.

Shungite holds a number of bioactive and anti-bacterial elements that will keep your plants in shape and as beautiful as ever.  In general, Shungite is a wonderful supplement for any living organism. And because plants and animals are more sensitive to energy loads than people, Shungite can work wonders for them.

So what should you do to give your house plants new energy?

Shungite contains a number of elements that are necessary for normal, healthy growth. It actually acts as a fertilizer as it contains substances such as phosphorus, cobalt, copper, zinc, calcium, etc. When Shungite is mixed with the soil, it will improve water balance and contribute to the growth of plants. Regular watering with shungite treated water can have a positive effect on the growth of all plants – garden or indoor.

You will not need to constantly feed the plants with fertilizers as Shungite has the ability to release nourishment gradually over a long period of time so your plants will be able to obtain it from the soil as needed.

Thanks to its deep black color, Shungite is also able to regulate the temperature and the humidity level of the soil which is important for thriving plant life. 

How can you enhance the living conditions of your plants with Shungite?

  1. Water them with Shungite water

Not only Shungite water provides amazing benefits for your body, it surely can provide energy and nutrients for your plants, as well. 

To make Shungite water for watering plants, take a liter of tap water  (0,26 gallon), put approximately 150 grams (5 oz.) of Shungite stones in it and leave it to stand at least for 24 hours. During this time, Shungite stones will purify and enhance the water to provide perfect nourishment and hydration for your plants.

Use this water both to feed the plants directly by pouring it into the soil, and also to moisturize and clean the leaves with bottle spray.

  1. Place stones nearby

   Shungite stones possess healing, protective and energizing properties that can be used to enhance the life of your plants. Just put the stones in the plant pot and it will provide nourishment and protection to it all day long. This way you can make use of your old Shungite Stones which you have been using to prepare drinking water for yourself. Alternatively, mix Shungite dust or powder with the soil – it will work as an efficient fertilizer.

Due to the special composition of microelements, Shungite is able to affect plants extensively by accelerating their growth and increasing resistance to diseases. A strong root system, a bright color, and a long bloom – your plants can have it all if you keep them watering with Shungite water. Add crushed stones into the soil and you’ll get an excellent fertilizer and useful drainage. On top of that, stones will help the soil to decontaminate so the plant receives excellent conditions for active growth and development.

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