How To Cleanse and Recharge SHUNGITE Stones

Shungite is a natural water activator and purifier. It cleans water in a natural way by removing adverse substances and, at the same time, helps to preserve the minerals beneficial and desirable for the body. 

How to care for Shungite stones?

To ensure the health benefits of Shungite stones, it is necessary to dry it out on a regular basis. The drying intervals should not exceed the 2-week period. In fact, drying enables Shungite to clean itself. The drying makes the Shungite pores to close so it can be able to absorb, purify and activate water again. 

Ways to dry Shungite stones

The most beneficial one is drying Shungite in the direct sunlight.

The positive effects of sunlight on all living and natural elements are well-known. If Shungite is being dried this way, it becomes cleaned and charged with solar energy. During the winter days, you can clean Shungite using an oven at a lower temperature, such as 100°C for several minutes. Make sure that the stones are fully dried. 

When being cared for regularly, Shungite stones are able to purify and enrich the water for six months. When your drinking water is of significantly low quality, with high values of indicators harmful for the body, the drying interval is necessary to shorten and Shungite must be treated with greater care.

What to do with finished Shungite Stones?

When regularly being cleaned and dried, this natural rock can function as water filtration for 6 months. After this period, the volume of fullerene molecules fills up and Shungite thus loses its absorption ability. 

Shungite, however, comes from nature and that is why it can be reused in nature after having fulfilled its role in your glass. Scatter the stones on top of the soil of your plants. Shungite will keep on mineralizing the soil and as a result, your plants and flowers will thrive.

Self-regeneration ability of Shungite

SHUNGITE has an amazing self-regeneration ability. Dug in the ground, it is able to achieve its original properties after 15 years. As long as you endure, shungite can come back to your glass and serve as water filtration after this period of time. 

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